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Whether it’s leadership development or leadership coaching, we’ve got you covered. Check out the programmes and options below to find out more.

Leading with Agility

Our flagship leadership development programme. Whether you have a cohort of newly promoted managers, or a team of experienced leaders looking to experience Agile Leadership, this programme is for you.

Advancing your
Agile Leadership

Have your leaders recently completed our development programme? Our advanced offering is made up of exclusive masterclasses and coaching opportunities. Perfect if you want to up their game.

Leadership Coaching

Our ICF accredited leadership coaching is based on the popular Leadership Circle™ development model. From increasing one’s self-awareness, to improving overall leadership performance, we’ll support your leaders to achieve the goals they’re looking for.

The importance of Agile Leadership

We believe leadership is at a crossroads, with ever constant change, disruption volatility organisations need leaders who can demonstrate new skills, greater resilience and can keep up with greater employee demands.

The key to steadiness and success lies in a distinct type of leadership – Agile Leadership. Agile leaders play a critical role in moulding and maintaining an organisation’s culture, whether centred around resilience, high performance, innovation, or care.

Why Agile?

Agile traces its roots back to the early 2000s, a movement which began with a demand that organisations adopt a new way of work in order to solve complex problems. From cross-functional teams to delegated decision making, Agile ways of working have helped transform many organisations while achieving far improved outcomes.

Which is why, here at Humble Associates, we passionately believe in the power of Agility to transform your organisation’s leaders and create the success you’re looking for.

Agility and Leadership Development

In HBR’s Global Leadership Survey of 2023, respondents reported that their current leadership
training programs are being designed with the primary goals of:

Building an agile organisation with employees who are prepared to navigate change successfully

Equipping leaders with the skills needed to address future competitive and strategic challenges

The reason for these two priorities? 74% of respondents believe that leaders need to demonstrate a willingness to take risks while also providing clarity and direction to their employees during times of ambiguity.

Which is why our flagship Leading with Agility development programme is designed to meet these challenges head on.

Four qualities of an Agile leader

Building on the importance of Agile leadership, we’ve distilled this down to 4 essential qualities that a leader must possess in order to survive and thrive. 


They know how to reflect & acknowledge the impact of their actions.

Outcome focused

They are outcome and value focused.

Continually improves

They promote a culture of continuous improvement using test and learn techniques.

Trust & autonomy

They know how to create the conditions for trust and autonomy to flourish.

This distillation is a result of decades of experience supporting leaders with their quest to lead with Agility. Problem solving requires teams of highly-skilled employees being given autonomy to not only be creative, but to experiment, adapt and continuously improve.

These four qualities are essential for any leader who wishes to lead with Agility and foster a culture that leads to high performance.

Want to learn more about Agile Leadership?

Our regular live events are the perfect opportunity to get up to speed. We run regular interactive webinars that cover thought leadership, challenging topics and practical ideas all at the same time to leave you feeling refreshed and intellectually nourished. Check out our next event below:


years developing & coaching leaders

Developing talent, creating leaders

Discover how we created and have run one of the most successful leadership development programmes for KraftHeinz International over the past few years. Working in teams, their future leaders not only experienced the power of Agility but also what it takes to Lead with Agility in mind.

Our clients

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“Humble Associates have been very supportive (from the start to the end). Starting with a solid preparation phase, launch and then follow up experience (almost a 1 year cycle).

From the complexity of training people remotely to the interactive learning experiences (experiential, fun, customised).

We have successfully delivered above expectations and this is now becoming a benchmark for launching new initiatives in the business.

Overall I am very happy and would recommend Humble Associates to others.”

Carmen Rodriguez,

Talent Development

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“We feel lucky that we discovered Humble Associates.

Their expert facilitation, consulting and coaching skills helped us navigate all the different perspectives involved in a respectful and inclusive way.

I found Humble Associates to be a lovely group of people, keen listeners, constantly striving for congruence and showing us that change is both possible and worth fighting for.”

Rebecca Smart,