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8 ingenious ways to start your dream collaboration…

Do you have people in your network who inspire you, have engaging opinions, and talk about things you’re interested in? Maybe you’d love to team up on a project, but are struggling to find reasons to invite them to collaborate?

At Humble Associates we love taking the pain out of problems and making change less challenging. So, this post includes 8 ingenious ways to start a collaboration conversation (you’re welcome 👍🏼)

Knowing if someone is willing to collaborate can be tricky to figure out. This could mean your ideas get buried or projects don’t start. Relationships that could blossom, don’t get seeded. Not on our watch! Pick your favourite from the list below to strike up conversation, and send it to them . Then let us know what happens next 😉

  1. Do you agree that people are stronger together? If we were to collaborate on <topic> I believe we could create something really powerful.
  2. I see that you’re interested in finding out more about <topic>. I’d love to help you connect the dots and maybe even create something together in this space.
  3. I’m intrigued by what you’re doing with <topic>. I’d love to be part of it – are you open to a conversation to see if there’s a way I can add value?
  4. I love how you speak about <topic>. It’s something I’m also passionate about and have recently done <add something related>. Are you up for a chat to share ideas?
  5. I’d love to discuss your views on <topic>? I have a slightly different opinion that might add an interesting dimension to the conversation…
  6. I have an idea about <topic> that I would really value your input on.
  7. During <event /conversation> your enthusiasm and passion for <topic> was impressive! For that reason ….
  8. I wonder if our combined skills would compliment each other to <idea>. How about an exploratory chat?

Keep in mind that these conversation openers are just that… its then up to you to decide what conditions you’ll need to make the relationship flourish (more on that in a future post 😉😉).

These are specifically focussed on starting to connect with potential collaborators on a human level. So have some fun with them, you never know what could happen!

Good luck -and don’t forget to let us know how it goes!