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What you'll taste

We know that many of you in the non-tech world are on the look out for accessible training that will help you understand and get to grips with what Agile is all about.

By experiencing this taster module, we’ll focus on three key pillars that will enable you to embody the Agile mindset, the North Star of Value, the Lake of Reflection and the Cycle of Delivery. By mastering these pillars, we’re certain you’ll be able to leave our module with a clearer understanding of Agility and what it’s all about.

Moreover, you’ll get to know us and our unique training style, building confidence in choosing us as the provider for your organisation’s Agile journey.

Learning Outcomes

The Three pillars of Agility

Understand the three keystone pieces of Agility: The North Star of Value, The Cycle of Delivery, and The Lake of Reflection

The Agile Manifesto

Discover the Agile Manifesto and its core principles that interconnect and support subsequent Agile concepts

Looking beyond Tech

Learn how the key values and practices in various Agile frameworks transcend IT and tech industries

Applying Agile thinking

Apply Agile thinking and practices to various aspects of your organisation to improve adaptability and resilience

Fostering cultural change

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, empowering your teams to achieve their goals

Key benefits

  • Experience the ‘Humble’ training style
  • Meet learners from other organisations who are curious about Agility in a non-tech world
  • Leave with actionable ideas to start applying an Agile approach in your organisation

Who is it for?

​We welcome learners from all backgrounds to our taster module. If you’re at the forefront of introducing Agile ways of working to your organisation then this module is for you. Here are a just a few examples of the type of attendees at previous taster modules.

  • Learning and development
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Change
  • Business Development
  • Organisational Design
  • ..and more

Our delivery style

Our training experiences are immersive, hands-on, and full of opportunities for self-reflection. We don’t believe in teaching at you. Instead, we invite you to explore concepts with the space to discover, reflect, and collaborate with your co-learners. That’s why we use interactive tools such as Miro and Zoom – they help maintain your energy levels and focus.

​Our work is built upon proven learning techniques, specifically ‘Training from the Back of the Room (Sharon L Bowman)’.

There will be no slides, and instead, we rely on interactive techniques to ensure you’ll be at the centre of the experience.

To gain maximum value, you’ll be invited to fully participate, with time spent exploring concepts in pairs, groups, and in interactive activites.

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