Build Mental Fitness for Agile Leadership.

Discover how you can grow resilience, strengthen relationships and increase your self-awareness.

Transform leadership relationships

Regain control

Bring clarity to your decision making

Working against your values is hard.

Get in touch with yourself again.

​With the speed of change increasing, being at the forefront of Agility can be difficult. While you’re trying hard not to show judgement, it’s easy to let those negative thought patterns frustrate you.

We get it. We’ve struggled with our own internal voice too. Now it’s time to join us and learn how to intercept your judgement, and use your sage powers to bring back your empathy and creativity.

You’re suffering from damaged relationships

You struggle to influence or make an impact

You feel overwhelmed and lack focus

You feel you’ve not reached your leadership potential

Leading change makes you feel isolated

Inspiring a new way to show up.

As a leader or an executive, it’s crucial to maintain a positive mental attitude when you’re at the forefront of making change happen.

​Unfortunately, as the speed of change quickens, we have seen many leaders and executives struggle with negative thought patterns.


Know more about yourself means gaining control of your emotions and your life. We know how disruptive negative thought patterns can be.

Performance & Relationships

With greater control you’ll have the ability to make the right choices for your career and those you care about. You’ll have the confidence to lead through change.


Reduce your anxiety levels and stop feeling overwhelmed. Our programme will give you the tools you need to make sure your wellbeing remains a priority.


Being part of a cohort is at the heart of our programme. We passionately believe in the power of shared experiences. You’ll be richer for it.


years of coaching in Agile environments

Ready to increase your Mental Fitness?

You’re at a crossroads, you can continue working against your values, or you can grow your self-awareness and be the leader you want to become.

What’s it going to be?


Join a cohort

Meet fellow learners and get exclusive access to the Mental Fitness App to begin your journey


Access the gym

Take part in daily mental fitness 'gym challenges' and join weekly group reflection sessions.


Make a difference

Grow your resilience, strengthen your relationships, make a difference in the world.

Intercept your Judge

Grow your Sage

Build mental muscles

Growing your Mental Fitness is easy.

Basic Cohort Programme

From £425 + VAT

You'll be part of a small cohort learning and exploring all things Mental Fitness while sharing and supporting each other along the way.

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Coached Programme

From £630 + VAT

Basic Cohort PLUS additional 1:1 coaching and an extra 3 months of coaching challenges in the App. You'll experience what it takes to take the power away from your Judge,

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What others say.

Simon Powers,

Adventures with Agile

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The Mental Fitness App has great exercises to keep you in the moment, to keep a sense of presence. In addition, the weekly cohort is a safe space to explore what's going in on our heads day to day.

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Kari Kelly, Agile Coach,

Dandy People

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I have found the tools from Mental Fitness to be absolutely invaluable for self-regulating. Not just when helping teams overcome obstacles but also leadership and working with other coaches. This course has had the most profound impact on anything I've studied or learned before.

quote icon

Dan Brown,

Coach and Trainer

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Taking part in this Mental Fitness programme has been one of the best decisions I've made this year. I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone.

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Understand the impact of your judgement

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