Advancing your Agile Leadership

Masterclass programmes and dedicated coaching to supercharge your leadership skills

Programme description

In brief

Our Advancing your Agile Leadership development programme is made up of a variety of masterclass programmes combined with dedicated leadership coaching to increase the effectiveness of experienced Agile Leaders.

Delivered either in person or remotely by our team of experienced facilitators, our masterclass programme can be tailored and adjusted to better suit your organisation’s needs.

Who’s it for?

Aimed at experienced Agile Leaders, our masterclass programme is made up of a range of specially selected experiences designed to accelerate leadership skills in key topics. For those who have already experienced our flagship programme, our masterclasses also offer the opportunity for participants to focus in specific learning areas.

The benefits

While each masterclass programme is different, here’s what participants can typically expect,

  • Increase the level of innovation in teams by experiencing the power of lean thinking techniques. Designed to increase innovation and disruption skills.
  • Leverage Agile techniques to learn how change can be delivered iteratively and incrementally.
  • Whether its OKRs to help you scale your goal-setting or advanced techniques for mentoring and leading other leaders, learn how to lead multiple teams with Agile in mind.

Programme structure

Working with you, we will create a personalised programme built around one or more masterclasses. A selection of some of our most popular masterclasses can be found further down.

Programmes are suitable for cohorts of between 15-20 participants. While not necessary, it can be advantageous for participants to come from the same area of the organisation (e.g. a department or function).

To kick-off, each participant will be invited to complete a 360 assessment using the Leadership CircleTM profile. This will provide each participant with a baseline understanding of their leadership styles and attributes. Participants will also have access to 1-2-1 coaching sessions where dedicated time can be spent supporting leaders with their leadership and career goals.

Masterclasses will then be delivered fortnightly giving time for 1-2-1 coaching sessions to be scheduled during alternate weeks.

Masterclasses are 3h in length and are fully immersive.

Our masterclasses

Masterclasses are designed to provide a deeper learning experience in a key skill area. Each masterclass is constantly reviewed and adapted to ensure it remains suitable to the needs of organisations.

Agile Change Management for Leaders

Iterative value delivery is fundamental to Agility. In this masterclass, participants will learn how a mix of hypotheses, experiments, teams of volunteers and more can deliver change far more successfully.

Design your organisation for Agility

Participants will learn how to design their org with Agility in mind. From Comparing team types to understanding team structures and diving into how roles can find a successful place in an Agile environment.

The Leader as Innovator

Participants will learn how to support high performing teams to innovate. From Lean Startup techniques to tools that enable critical thinking, participants will experience a range of tools to help better lead with disruption in mind.

Scaling your Agile Leadership

For Agile Leaders who are increasing their responsibilities, this masterclass will teach them how to manage productively. From OKRs to Communities of Practice, they'll discover how to lead more effectively with a range of tools and techniques

Don’t forget, if the masterclass you’re looking for isn’t below, we’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and and see how we can meet them 🙂

A unique training experience

All of our training is remote-first and modularised, making the learning as accessible and comfortable as possible.

We never use PowerPoint, instead leveraging adult-learning techniques to ensure the experience is as hands-on as possible. With a range of games, activities, and discussion groups all bringing the learning to life, we’re sure to make it a memorable experience.

Here to help

Diverse and highly skilled. Our team of leadership coaches, trainers and facilitators are not only experienced Agile practitioners but have worked with a wide range of organisations in helping transform towards Agile Leadership.