Giving leaders the Agile advantage

Our Leading with Agility programme will equip your leaders to become the Agile Leaders your organisation needs.

Programme description

In brief

Our Leading with Agility leadership development programme is an experiential learning experience which develops your leaders into Agile Leaders. Our curriculum is made up of 6 core modules that give participants the fundamentals to become effective Agile Leaders in their organisation.

Delivered either in person or remotely by our team of experienced facilitators, we’re constantly evolving and adapting the curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of organisations today.

Our support includes a dedicated coaching provision alongside access to resources and tools both during and after the programme.

Who’s it for?

Our 3 month programme is designed for participants at all levels of your organisation. From first time managers to middle managers to senior execs, with an emphasis on embedding Agility in your leadership we’re confident any leader will benefit.

Learning outcomes

By the end of our programme, participants will:

  • Recognise what it takes to build and lead a high-performing team.
  • Employ a range of coaching and feedback techniques to increase trust and resilience in your teams.
  • Demonstrate the power of collaborative decision making methods in order to create a more inclusive working environment.
  • Show how decisions can be safely and incrementally delegated in order to improve team decision making and productivity.
  • Illustrate the importance of creating a continuous improvement culture that will reduce blame and increase accountability.
  • Recognise the importance of teams applying key Agile practices such as testing and learning, in order to solve business problems.
  • Apply a range of facilitation techniques that will help you and your teams manage difficult conversations.

Course details

Our programme is designed for cohorts of between 15-20 participants. While not necessary, it can be advantageous for participants to come from the same area of the organisation (e.g. a department or function).

To kick-off, each participant will be invited to complete a 360 assessment using the Leadership CircleTM profile. This will provide each participant with a baseline understanding of their leadership styles and attributes. Participants will also have access to 1-2-1 coaching sessions where dedicated time can be spent supporting leaders with their leadership and career goals.

Classes are then delivered fortnightly giving time for 1-2-1 coaching sessions to be scheduled during alternate weeks.

As well as customising the module content, we’re more than happy to  personalise the programme in order to suit the needs of your organisation. Options can include group leadership coaching, curated masterclass content and more.

The curriculum

Leadership Circle 360 Assessment

Participants will kick-off the programme with a 360 assessment. A first step to raising the self-awareness of any participant. This includes an individual briefing for each participant to discuss the results

Know yourself as a leader

Participants will learn why Agility is critical to their roles and receive an introduction to the Agile Leadership model. Following on from their 360 assessments, they will explore the difference of both Creative and Reactive leadership styles and it's impact on leaders behaviours. Content will also cover tools and models that encourage greater self-awareness and introspection.

Building a high-performing team

Participants will explore the conditions for team success. Content will include exploration of implicit vs explicit motivation, reward mechanisms and tools such as canvases to help align and set team expectations around purpose and behaviours. Participants will also take a deeper dive into collaborative decision making approaches and how can they improve team autonomy.

Agile practices to accelerate your business outcomes

Experience core Agile practices that will teach participants how to successfully solve complex business problems. From test and learn techniques through to iterative delivery methods, participants will also get to experience a hands-on simulation to put theory into practice.

Growing people with feedback and coaching

Participants will learn how to effectively communicate using coaching based techniques. They will explore the power of the 'manager as coach' role and how asking powerful questions can better unlock team performance. Learning will also cover feedback models, how to encourage healthy team conflict and how to spot and avoid team dysfunctions.

Continuous improvement as a culture

A key tenet of Agile Leadership is creating a culture that fosters high performance. Participants will learn the importance of inspecting and adapting and how this can lead to the right leadership culture for your organisation. There will be opportunities to practise techniques and tools that participants can use with their teams in order to promote continuous improvement.

Effectiveness through facilitation

Finally, an opportunity to expand the repertoire of any participant. Learning facilitation as a skill, participants will get to explore a range of techniques that will help them to Ideate, brainstorm, make better decisions and encourage diversity of thought and opinion with their teams. They will get to experience and practice a range of techniques that will increase their effectiveness as leaders

Fancy a taste?

We understand the challenge of selecting the right programme for your organisation. To help you feel confident about your decision, we’re happy to offer a taster opportunity that provides a glimpse into our flagship development programme.

A unique training experience

All of our training is remote-first and modularised, making the learning as accessible and comfortable as possible.

We never use PowerPoint, instead leveraging adult-learning techniques to ensure the experience is as hands-on as possible. With a range of games, activities, and discussion groups all bringing the learning to life, we’re sure to make it a memorable experience.

Here to help

Diverse and highly skilled. Our team of leadership coaches, trainers and facilitators are not only experienced Agile practitioners but have worked with a wide range of organisations in helping transform towards Agile Leadership.