Who are we?

A diverse and experienced team of UK-based coaches, consultants and trainers. All with a track record in making change stick

A bit about us

Drawing from a wide range of backgrounds, our team is made up of consultants and associates who have been making change happen for a number of years. More importantly they have real experience of working inside organisations experiencing change, whether as change agents, coaches or facilitators. As an entire team, we’re proud of the many years’ of experience we have but more importantly we’re confident that experience will result in an even better experience for our clients.

Scroll down to find out more about our team, their passions and what they bring to our clients.

Meet the team

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Seun Opanubi

Consultant and Facilitator

Seun has a proven track record in maximising team performance and delivering value to leadership. Seun has been supporting some of our larger clients over the past year as part of a transformation to Agile ways of working.

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Karl Morgan

Consultant and Trainer

Karl has experience working within both agile and non-agile environments and understands how hard transformation change can be for organisations. He loves creating and delivering training experiences for our clients.

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Ceri Newton-Sargunar

Consultant and Coach

Ceri has a deep interest in neuroscience, which she uses to improve team dynamics and interactions. Ceri’s ultimate goal is to help individuals and teams deliver more value, sooner, by focusing on effective interactions.

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Haroon Khalil

Consultant and Coach

Haroon is passionate about helping our clients develop and enhance their collaborative ways of working. With a professional coaching background he helps our clients create the right environment that will foster change.

Our founders

Professional coaches. Experienced experts. But above all, we’re here to be your partners in whatever change you’re going through. That’s why we’re people first.

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Tomasz ‘TK’ Kropiewnicki

Thought Provoking Troublemaker

As an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator and systems thinker, TK approaches clients with great appreciation for the unique cultures, systems and complexities found within every organisation.

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Arif Bobat

Disrupting with Kindness

A Professional Coach and Facilitator with broad experience in challenging environments across product management, team culture and leadership support, Arif’s coaching style promotes growth by creating safe, positive spaces built on openness and trust.