Embark on your Agile Leadership journey today

Our Agile Leadership programme will unlock your full potential to lead with confidence.

Supporting your leadership journey

At Humble Associates, we understand the importance of strong leadership in the successful adoption of Agile methodologies. Agile leaders need to model the right behaviour and demonstrate the value of Agile to their teams. However, many leaders struggle to understand their role in the Agile transformation process and many feel unsupported in their journey. We’ve changed that.
Our leadership programme is designed with the following outcomes in mind:

1. Improve your knowledge

Develop a deep understanding of Agile leadership principles and practices. You'll be better able to demonstrate the value of Agile to your teams.

2. Increase your confidence

Leading your teams through a cultural transformation isn't easy. Gain the confidence you need to deal with an ever-changing landscape.

3. Model the right behaviours

As teams look to their leaders for inspiration, you'll be far better prepared to demonstrate the right leadership qualities to help inspire them.

A guided trek

Our Agile Leadership programme offers a guided trek towards mastering Agile leadership, ensuring you become the champion of Agility your organisation needs.
By incorporating a powerful framework, The Leadership Circle™ we provide comprehensive support and resources to help you develop the necessary mindset and behaviours to lead your teams effectively in an Agile environment.

Who is it for?

Our programme is designed for any leader embarking on a transformation journey towards Agile ways of working.
Regardless of your role, this is your opportunity to develop your leadership skills and be effective during times of uncertainty.
Here are just some examples of previous attendees to the programme:
  • Team leaders
  • Heads of dept
  • Function leads
  • People managers
  • Directors and VPs

The Leadership Circle™

A breakthrough among leadership development models, The Leadership Circle™ connects well-researched competencies with underlying habits of thought.

By revealing the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behaviour, this framework offers a powerful tool for sparking transformative change at a higher level and sustainable pace.

The Leadership Circle™ model makes critical information easily accessible, empowering leaders to identify what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Why choose Humble Associates?

Bring your profile to your assessment debrief, we’ll partner with you to help you make sense of what your Leadership Circle Profile tells you. You’ll leave with increased awareness and an understanding of next steps.
We’re also accredited and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Our coaching abides by their high standards of ethics while our coaches receive regular supervision to ensure they are in the best possible place to support you on your leadership journey.
Read more about our coaching methods and discover how we can help you become the Agile leader your organisation needs.
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Working with Tomasz was incredibly insightful and rewarding. His level of knowledge, engagement and expertise was second to none, and a hugely positive influence on our Agile journey.

It’s not often I have sessions that I look forward to, but his insightful leadership coaching sessions were without question a highlight. I couldn’t recommend him enough as a top class coach, mentor and facilitator

Chris Hall,

Global Head of Regulatory Risk and Control Technology, Mogan Stanley

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Knowing that I was going to be mentoring and supporting a brand new team applying Agile, I was excited to take up the opportunity to learn more about my leadership style. Completing the Leadership Circle Profile allowed me to better understand myself and identify areas that needed development.

Together with Humble’s ongoing coaching, this was the perfect way to help me better lead my team while leveraging Agile ways of working to help them reach our vision and goals.

Christian Martinez,

Finance, KraftHeinz

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I approached Arif to help me with some coaching, during a tricky period of my career. I needed someone to help me think through my options and decide on my next steps.

I was in a pretty delicate state at the time, but Arif made me feel comfortable and guided me through 3 coaching sessions to get the outcome I desired. I am pretty sure I would have experienced burnout had I not engaged with Arif when I did!

Claire Donald,

VP Technology & Product, Moo

Start your trek in 3 simple steps

Here’s how you can begin your Agile Leadership journey with a complimentary coaching session based on The Leadership Circle™ development model

Schedule your free coaching session

Choose a date that suits you, we’ll send you instructions on how to complete your Leadership Circle Profile. Once complete you’ll be invited to attend a free coaching session with us.

Complete your profile

Complete the Leadership Circle Profile by answering a range of questions about your current leadership style and how your style varies depending on circumstances.

Begin your leadership journey

Bring your profile to your coaching session & we’ll partner with you to help you make sense of what your Leadership Circle Profile tells you. You’ll leave with increased awareness and an understanding of next steps.